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Does Your Family Know Your Mental Health Care Preferences?

Susan Weinstein
Editor in Chief, Care for Your Mind

Continuing our important conversations about mental health for your family this holiday season, let’s talk about psychiatric advance directives, or PADs. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to provide instructions for your family in the event your mood disorder renders you unable to advocate for yourself? Here’s the good news: you can!

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Psychiatric Advance Directives: A Must-Have for Us

Families for Depression Awareness

For people living with mental health conditions, advance planning is a “must-do.” When our conditions render us unable to make measured decisions as we would at times when we are not in distress, having delusions, or otherwise not functioning as our usual selves, we want to know that we have made our wishes known, that our family members and support network know what to expect and what are their roles, and that our care team is ready, willing, and able to do as we have specified.

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