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The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) welcome you to Care for Your Mind!

The Care for Your Mind blog is ours—a place where all of us affected by the mental health care system can spark conversation among our peers, advocates, and thought leaders about the strengths and weaknesses of current mental health care practices and policies in the United States.

What’s vital to Care for Your Mind is you. The blog features regular contributions from a diverse group of policy makers, mental health experts, medical professionals, and health care reform advocates, along with personal experiences of people with mood disorders and their families. You have the opportunity to shape our mental health care system.

You can comment on—even challenge—posts by our contributors. You can also submit your own stories about navigating the mental health care system.

Our hope is that, by learning about current mental health care issues and engaging in the Care for Your Mind community, we will all come together to help increase everyone’s access to, and improve the quality of, mental health care in America.

In addition to following discussions and posting your opinions on the Care for Your Mind blog, you can

  • submit a story about challenges you’ve faced with the mental health care system.
  • suggest a topic idea you’d like to see addressed.
  • sign up for the Care for Your Mind™ alerts to stay current on issues and events.
  • share favorite blog posts on your social media accounts.
  • request to become an expert presenter on Care for Your Mind™.

Care for Your Mind seeks a variety of viewpoints that make up the overall picture of the mental health care system and its challenges.

We know some of these challenges:

  • lack of insurance and limits on coverage
  • unavailability of qualified mental health care providers
  • unmet language and cultural needs
  • general problems with navigating the system to get necessary services

But we need to hear, and learn, from you for the complete picture.

DBSA and FFDA are thrilled that our inaugural Care for Your Mind Expert Perspective contributor is our friend and colleague Ron Manderscheid, a public health and behavioral health policy professional with more than 30 years of experience in the federal government. His article outlines where we are now, so that we can all begin with an understanding of the mental health care system—its opportunities and challenges—as we work together to make it more effective.

Thanks to Ron, and thanks to all of you, for joining the important conversation about caring for our own minds, and the minds of those we love.

Thank you,
Allen Doederlein, DBSA President, and Julie Totten, FFDA Executive Director

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