Workplace Mental Health with Bob Boorstin

During last week’s Kennedy Forum, we had the opportunity sit down with the moderator of the “Getting into the Workplace – and Getting the Most Out of It” panel, Bob Boorstin. The former Director of Public Policy at Google and Clinton Administration official hosted a valuable discussion with panelists on learning to be comfortable and open with your mental health condition in the workplace. “There’s no question that sharing information about our mental health issues will be positive,” said Boorstin, who echoed his opinion in a short video interview after the panel.

An Interview with Bob Boorstin

Watch the video below to learn about Boorstin’s personal struggles with his mental health condition and how you can become more involved in mental health advocacy.

“This is a gradual fight, but one that can succeed.”

Your Turn

  • Have you ever revealed your mental health condition during the hiring process? As a result do you believe your candidacy was jeopardized?
  • Work discrimination can be subtle. What discrimination have you experienced as a result of disclosing a mental health condition?

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