CFYM to Attend The Kennedy Forum

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On Thursday, leaders from the mental health advocacy community will gather in Boston, MA for the Kennedy Forum, a conference established to advance the national conversation around mental health care and advocate for policies that will improve our nation’s mental health care system. Panels and conversations at the conference will focus on creating new avenues for treatment for those affected by mental illness and other disabilities.

Honoring President John F. Kennedy’s promise 50 years ago to improve the mental health care system through the Community Mental Health Act of 1963, this newly-established Forum represents a unified voice from a broad community of people living with a mood disorder, their families, advocates, policy experts, and other stakeholders. While there have been many achievements in overcoming some of the challenges associated with mental illness, we believe there is more to do to improve access and quality of care for people affected by mood disorders and other mental health conditions.

The daylong Forum will cover several topics of discussion including workplace employment, community approaches to addressing mental illness, and securing policy advances, among others. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) are excited to be taking part in the Forum and contributing to this important conversation.

We are also excited to announce that Care For Your Mind will be on the ground at the Forum, covering the event, live tweeting throughout the day at @CareForYourMind and providing blog updates on relevant topics discussed by the keynote speakers and the many panel discussions. 

Follow us on Twitter, check on Thursday for frequent updates, and join the conversation! 

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