What does Harry Potter have to do with accessing mental health care?

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Harry and his friends were trying to find their way to the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic?


The group arrived at a circular hall with several doors. The doors kept changing places, and the group’s progress was halted. Finding the right door was made almost impossible—aside from the fact that they weren’t entirely sure what they were looking for—by uncontrollable circumstances. Finally, thanks to Hermione’s skill, they were able to go through a process of elimination and enter the correct door to advance toward their destination.

Sometimes it seems that getting access to appropriate mental health care involves the same levels of mystery, confusion, and frustration. But all too often, individuals don’t get to experience the satisfaction of having found the way to their destination.

Does each of us have to use a little magic to get the mental health care we need for ourselves and our loved ones?
In tomorrow’s Care for Your Mind blog, Ron Manderscheid looks at the challenges involved in accessing appropriate mental health care and substance use treatment. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing personal stories from individuals who have experienced some of the particular challenges Ron outlines, and many may sound familiar to you. Don’t forget to comment and let us know about your own roadblocks.

Do you feel like Harry and his friends, trapped somewhere outside of what you really need, with the correct path seemingly out of reach? 

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