You Did It! CMS Rescinds Proposed Protected Classes Rule!

Over the past two months, Care for Your Mind has closely followed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) proposed ruling around Medicare Part D’s six protected classes. Thanks in large part to the combination of the mental health community’s expert and peer perspectives as well as your insightful comments and willingness to take action to oppose this rule, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced yesterday that the agency would not move forward to remove antidepressants and immunosuppresants from Medicare Part D’s six protected classes at this time.

Yesterday’s decision marks a monumental victory for the mental health community and proves that the Administration is appropriately listening to our concerns. In addition to bringing three of our peers to Washington, D.C., to visit with influential members of Congress, the CFYM community worked together to make our voices heard through the forum and beyond. The Partnership for Part D Access, a coalition comprised of patient groups and pharmaceutical companies alike, was able to generate more than 1,000 comments sent to CMS during their open comment period and we know many of those comments started right here on CFYM.

CMS’ announcement shows that grassroots-based advocacy works! Thank you again for coming together to voice your thoughts and concerns – you had a direct hand in protecting our Nation’s seniors and disabled, and the mental health community as a whole, making it known that appropriate treatment is not “one size fits all.”

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