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Why We Created Care for Your Mind

Our mental health care system is flawed … and it might get worse before it gets better. People living with mood disorders and their families deserve better treatment options and outcomes.

We don’t have to be bystanders. People affected by depression and bipolar disorder can help to shape how mental health care is delivered. The first step is to get educated about the issues.

By engaging with Care for Your Mind, you can learn, share your insights, and help increase everyone’s access to, and improve the quality of, mental health care in America.

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Care for Your Mind is brought to you by Families for Depression Awareness, the leading national nonprofit organization providing training, advocacy, and programs for family caregivers of people living with depression or bipolar disorder.

Families for Depression Awareness helps families recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides, including

  • giving families tools and solutions to recognize and manage depression and bipolar disorder
  • advocating to eliminate the stigma associated with mood disorders
  • working to unite families and help them heal in coping with mood disorders.

Families for Depression Awareness’ website offers educational resources, online tools such as a depression and bipolar disorder screening tool, and inspiring stories for those seeking help for themselves or another. You’ll find a wealth of information relating to teen depression and adult/workplace stress and depression, including materials about mood disorders, family stories, audio podcasts, and webinars.

FFDA’s programming and communications demonstrate that people from all walks of life are impacted by mood disorders, which are the most prevalent mental health conditions and are leading contributors to suicide.

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About Care for Your Mind Expert Perspectives Contributors

FFDA solicits blog contributions from mental health experts, thought leaders, and advocates to stimulate discussion and work toward identifying both problems and potential solutions. We appreciate their interest and involvement in Care for Your Mind and in addressing the problems of our mental health care system.

Of course, just because we publish materials authored by someone else doesn’t mean that Care for Your Mind or Families for Depression Awareness necessarily agrees with or endorses that content, the author, or the affiliated organization. If you want to comment, the best place is on Facebook.

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