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The Downside of Mental Health Awareness

Susan Weinstein

Susan Weinstein, J.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Care for Your Mind

Taraji P. Henson recently joined the ranks of celebrities
openly discussing their experiences of living with mental health conditions. In
starting her own nonprofit organization, the star of the movie “Hidden Figures”
and the television show “Empire” aims to break down the stigma around mental
health among African Americans and to encourage people to seek help without
shame. Ms. Henson has created an opportunity to reach millions of people who
might not otherwise receive these messages.

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…And One Guy Says to the Other…

Caroline Eretzen

Caroline Erentzen
PhD Candidate, York University

Last week, Caroline Erentzen discussed her research into the use of humor in mental health awareness campaigns and how tapping into men’s so-called feminine traits reduces their defensiveness. This week, we look at how we might use this information to help more men get care.

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