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What is Care for Your Mind™?

Our mental health care system is flawed … and it might get worse. But people affected by depression and bipolar disorder can help to shape how mental health care is delivered.

Publishing weekly – usually on Tuesdays – since 2013, Care for Your Mind (CFYM) brings together people involved with and affected by mood disorders in the search for solutions to the problems in our mental health care system. On CFYM, we discuss issues of access to and quality of mental health care in the United States. Care for Your Mind provides a platform for perspectives on problems – and potential solutions –  from policy makers, clinicians and researchers, mental health experts, health care reform advocates, and the occasional legislator or other government official, along with personal experiences of people living with mood disorders and their families.

Engage with Care for Your Mind to learn, share your insights, and help increase everyone’s access to, and improve the quality of, mental health care in America.

Care for Your Mind is brought to you by Families for Depression Awareness, the leading national nonprofit organization providing training, advocacy, and programs for family caregivers of people living with depression or bipolar disorder. Visit familyaware.org.

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Special thanks

Families for Depression Awareness appreciates the prior collaboration of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in creating Care for Your Mind and the generosity of our founding sponsor, the Takeda-Lundbeck Alliance (which is not and was not involved in the organization, content creation, or development of related materials).