Five Web Resources on Integrated Care

pcmhOn Tuesday, our Expert Perspective advocated for integrated care. Integrated primary and behavioral health care attempts to mold the care system to the whole individual, thereby increasing access to health services by making them more convenient and increasing the quality of care by requiring better communication, coordination, and collaboration among health care providers.

Resources on Integrated Care

To help you learn more about integrated care, we’ve compiled some of the web’s best available resources:

  1. The National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors wrote of integrated care as being the key to bringing together mind and body.
  2. SAMHSA provides a lot of information in their webinar, Integrating Behavioral Health into the Person-Centered Healthcare Home.
  3. You can also see how, even five years ago, agencies in the federal government were involved in integration of primary care and mental health care.
  4. The American Psychological Association projected that integrated care would especially benefit our country’s aging population (see APA Blueprint for Change: Achieving Integrated Health Care for an Aging Population).NOTE: For more about growing concerns about the health care system’s ability to handle the mental health needs of geriatric patients, check out our July 2 Expert Perspective.
  5. Finally, visit the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions for explanations, evidence, and extensive educational materials to help you understand and set your expectations about integrated primary and behavioral health care.

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