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Maternal Mental Health:
A National Health Care Crisis

Nancy Byatt

Care for Your Mind acknowledges and appreciates the collaboration of the National Network of Depression Centers in developing this series.

Maternal Mental Health: A National Health Care Crisis
Nancy Byatt, D.O., M.S., M.B.A., F.A.P.M.

Few issues are of more importance to our society than the psychological well-being of pregnant and postpartum women. They are the guardians of current and future generations — our mothers, partners, children, daughters, and sisters.

Tragically, America’s mothers are facing a mental health care crisis. One in seven women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby suffers from depression, making it more common than diabetes during pregnancy. This is an epidemic that affects all of us, impacting hospitals, homes, schools, and workplaces.

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Locked Behind Door #1

JenniferInsurance-Related Challenges
In yesterday’s Expert Perspective, Ron Manderscheid outlined three common kinds of challenges to accessing mental health care: insurance-related, provider-related, and distance-related challenges. Over the next three days, we’ll hear personal stories from individuals who’ve experienced these roadblocks first-hand.

Today, we hear from Jennifer, who, like many of you, experienced insurance-related challenges first-hand.

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Personal Stories

Share Your Story
Have you had trouble getting mental health services for yourself or your family? Have you had successes? Tell us! Whether you’re an individual living with a mood disorder or a friend or family member, we’d like to help you share your story with the Care for Your Mind community.

Sophia’s Story

I have insurance through my husband. We have a 35% share of costs that we cannot meet for me to get a psychiatrist’s care, which is not covered...

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